Hazardous Area Inspections

Hazardous Area Inspection Sunshine Coast

Tri Coast Electrical specialises in providing the most complete hazardous area inspection Sunshine Coast residents can trust. We can service commercial and industrial properties in and around the Sunshine Coast area.

It is critical that electrical equipment in hazardous areas go through regular inspections to give you peace of mind knowing that these high-risk sections of the property are safe and will not cause any damage or harm any time in the immediate future.

These inspections are all about the safety and security of everyone on the premises. Our expert will go through every nook and cranny of these areas to observe and test for any irregularities or damage in an effort to prevent any accidents or dangerous events occurring within the vicinity of these locations.

Electrical Safety Inspection Cost Sunshine Coast

Tri Coast Electrical offers the most cost-efficient electrical safety inspection cost Sunshine Coast has seen. You can trust Tri Coast Electrical to be there for you from start to finish to help keep your property safe and meet all industry and government standards.

We will also help you with selecting the right equipment for the job and the location for that matter. Our team will not just install the systems for you but can also help repair and maintain them if necessary.

Our sole purpose in offering electrical wiring inspection to our customers is to make sure that problems are identified right on time so that the integrity of the equipment remains intact. This is essential as it is the only way property owners can reduce harm to people working or living in the property along with the property in general.

Why is Tri Coast the best at Hazardous Area Inspections?

Our founder is a veritable specialist with over 10 years of experience, so when it comes to hazardous area inspection Sunshine Coast residents trust, our team is a top-notch choice.

Thus, you can expect us to tread the extra mile to deliver the best service possible. We do this by dividing this particular service into three parts.

At first, we begin with a simple visual inspection of the electrical equipment in a hazardous area. With this, we are non-intrusively (and without using any tools) accessing the equipment. The purpose of this step is to identify defects, such as missing bolts, damaged or broken lenses that are apparent to the naked eye.

The second leg of this service is offered in the form of close inspections where we combine the visual inspection as well as using tools to inspect the equipment.

The third leg of this service is offered by us in the form of a detailed inspection where the equipment in question will be opened up with tools and tested using appropriate testing equipment. These inspections may require enclosures to be opened, equipment to be disconnected and cable glands to be dismantled.

After we have made sure everything is in working order, we can provide you and your property with a certification.

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At Tri Coast Electrical, we understand the critical importance of adhering to the highest safety and quality standards in every project we take on. With over 10 years of experience stretching across a wide range of industries, we have been successful in providing safe and long-lasting solutions for hundreds of clients. Call us today to speak about how we can assist you.


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