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Looking for the best provider of switchboard upgrade Brisbane has to offer?

You have just found the best in Tri Coast Electrical.

We understand that deciding to upgrade the switchboard(s) in your property could be one of the most important decisions you can make.

A switchboard is the gateway for all electrical power to your home and place of business and holds the key to your property’s electrical safety. All the power to your property, whether it is from the grid or a solar panel system, comes through your switchboard first. So, this is why this is a critical piece of hardware and why you need a timely switchboard upgrade for your Brisbane property.

Switchboard Wiring Brisbane

If you need services for switchboard wiring in Brisbane, Tri Coast Electrical is the best team to talk to. We’ll help you with domestic switchboard installation as well as in assessing whether you need an upgrade.

You need to upgrade your switchboard when you experience –

  • Repeated short-circuiting,
  • Flickering lights for no apparent reason, and
  • The switchboard cable is hot to the touch.

Then it is time for you to call us as we are the best when it comes to offering switchboard upgrades.

These warning signs are all minor calls to action to upgrade the electrical switchboard in your property. The greater danger for faulty switchboards is the increased risk of electrical fires due to internal arcing. This is why the switchboard(s) in your property must be upgraded and maintained to Australian electrical standards.

As an experienced switchboard maintenance services provider, we understand that older switchboards simply were not built to handle the requirements of modern electrical appliances.

Upgrading the switchboard(s) in your property to modern standards can increase the electrical efficiency and safety of your property.

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We know the intricacies of switchboard upgrades and maintenance

Upgrading a switchboard is not as simple as removing the old one and connecting a new one. Australian law dictates that when replacing an old switchboard, the entire electrical system of the premises be brought up to Australian Standard AS3000.

Our switchboard electrician is well versed with all the Australian standards. We know that the rule has been mandated to ensure the safety of electrical systems in residential, commercial, and industrial facilities across Australia.

Switchboards tend to go unnoticed until a problem occurs. Don’t run the risks of having an old switchboard, contact us and we will dispatch our switchboard maintenance expert in no time so that the switchboard(s) in your property is brought up to Australian standard ASAP!

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